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Gallery Naming Opportunities


Gallery B | $250,000
The most flexible space at 780/sf, this gallery will be dedicated to shows of exciting new work by local and Ohio artists which will be complemented by our new series of cataloguettes featuring artist interviews.


Gallery A
Dr. Robert L. Brandt, Jr. Gallery
The largest gallery at 2,348/sf is dedicated to original shows of contemporary art; with a focus on what The Co does best—premieres of work by local, national, and international artists and a mix of large thematic and Members’ shows.

Gallery C
The Ira & Susan Thomsen Family Gallery
At 300/sf this “jewel-box” space will serve as a project space for installations of sculpture and small works, as well as be a flexible space for special programs like poetry readings and dance performances.

Gallery D
T. Chase Hale and Jonathan A. Hale Gallery
At 820/sf and including double storefront glass doors and original Arcade tile, this gallery will literally spill out onto the Rotunda, inviting visitors into the Holiday Gift Gallery and ensuing year-round CoSHOP.

Video Gallery
The Eichelberger Video Gallery
Essential in a 21st-century art space (and a community that boasts a top-tier film program) to feature film and video by the widest variety of artists.

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