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Calls for Entry

Call for Instructors & Partners

Pilot Arts & Wellness Program / Social Innovation Series

DEADLINE: MAY 13, 2024

About The Contemporary Dayton

Rooted in Ohio and nationally recognized for its excellence in producing and presenting contemporary art and artists, The Contemporary Dayton (The Co) is a trusted community resource for learning and experiencing the impact of the art of our time. Established as a non-profit in 1991, and newly located at The Dayton Arcade, The Co initiates new collaborations and continued longstanding partnerships in pursuit of this goal.



ARTFUL WELLNESS is The Contemporary Dayton’s new multi-phased free and open wellness program.

Inspired by the Feb 2024 White House Domestic Policy Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, “Healing, Bridging, Thriving: A Summit on Arts and Culture in our Communities” Conference, The Co seeks to explore how the arts can contribute to health and well-being, animate and strengthen physical spaces, fuel our democracy, and drive equitable outcomes for communities across the country.

Exploring the realms of mental health and suicide prevention within the context of an art museum offers a unique and enriching perspective on the human experience. Art has long been recognized as a powerful medium for self-expression, reflection, and communication. The diverse array of artworks within the museum’s walls becomes a catalyst for dialogue, providing visitors with an opportunity to engage in open conversations about mental health. In this setting, the visual language of art serves as a bridge, allowing individuals to express and share their emotions, fostering empathy, and encouraging a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding mental well-being. By weaving discussions of mental health and suicide prevention into the museum experience, we not only enhance our appreciation for art but also create a safe space for meaningful conversations that contribute to breaking the stigma surrounding these critical aspects of human existence.

The Contemporary Dayton’s “Artful Wellness” program is designed to foster holistic well-being through a fusion of art and wellness initiatives. By offering a diverse range of activities, workshops, and resources, participants will be encouraged to explore self-expression, engage in meaningful conversations, and cultivate resilience and empathy.

Download the PDF for full information and eligibility requirements.

Download PDF

Target Population

The Co’s initiative is being guided by Montgomery County’s 2021 Community Health Assessment. The data presented are from multiple sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), Ohio Department of Health Vital Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau, Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association hospital data, Dayton Children’s Community Health Needs Assessment, Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System (OCISS), and the Ohio Disease Reporting System (ODRS).

The target populations represent five underserved communities:

  1. African Americans
  2. African American Young Adults (under 30 years old)
  3. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ)
  4. Hispanic/Latinos
  5. Senior Citizens

These groups face barriers to receiving health care within their communities as well as opportunities to improve health. When asked to prioritize, the groups’ top issues pertained to social determinants of mental health, substance use, and care coordination.

Reaching these audiences will include the following:

  • Community Partnerships: local mental health organizations, community health centers, and social service agencies that already serve vulnerable populations.
  • Targeted Outreach: marketing materials and strategies using culturally sensitive messaging and language
  • Accessible Programming: free and open to be most accessible and inclusive
  • Peer Support: Peer-led groups and activities can provide a sense of connection, validation, and support for participants who may feel isolated or stigmatized.
  • Culturally Relevant Programming: collaborating with community leaders, cultural organizations, and local artists to create content that resonates with diverse audiences.
  • Long-Term Engagement: offering follow-up support, alumni programs, and opportunities for continued involvement to build a sense of belonging and continuity can help sustain positive outcomes over time.


Improve the health of the target population and measure the health improvement


Program Components:

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions (Summer 2024)
    • Guided meditation sessions held in The Contemporary Dayton’s gallery space.
    • Output: Participants will experience reduced stress and improved focus.
    • Outcome: Enhanced emotional well-being and mindfulness.
  • Workshops for Broaching Difficult Conversations through Art (Fall 2024)
    • Workshops facilitating discussions on challenging topics such as diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.
    • Output: Increased awareness and understanding of complex social issues.
    • Outcome: Strengthened community connections and empathy.
  • Mental Health Workshops (Rotating subjects, beginning Fall 2024/Spring 2025)
    • Workshops focusing on mental health awareness, coping strategies, and self-care practices.
    • Output: Participants will develop skills for managing mental health challenges.
    • Outcome: Improved mental health literacy and support network.
  • Suicide Prevention Programs (May 2025)
    • Seminars providing education on suicide prevention, risk factors, and support resources.
    • Output: Increased knowledge of suicide prevention strategies.
    • Outcome: Enhanced ability to recognize warning signs and offer support to those in need.
  • Resilience and Empathy Programs (Summer 2025)
    • Programs promoting resilience-building techniques and empathy development through art-based activities.
    • Output: Participants will learn coping mechanisms and empathy skills.
    • Outcome: Increased resilience and capacity for compassionate understanding.
  • Guides and Drop-in Activities (Summer 2025)
    • Monthly publication of wellness guides featuring articles, resources, and creative prompts.
    • Weekly drop-in art sessions offering a space for spontaneous creativity and relaxation.
    • Output: Accessible resources and opportunities for artistic expression.
    • Outcome: Fostering a sense of belonging and creative fulfillment.


Partners / Partners in Negotiation

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) / Cleveland

Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA)

National Conference for Community Justice (NCCJ) of Greater Dayton

Premier Health (Lead Funder)

Montgomery County Prevention Coalition

& Montgomery County LGBTQ+ Health Alliance

Previous Calls for Entry

The 30th Annual Art Auction is The Contemporary Dayton’s (The Co) primary fundraiser—normally, a modest-ticketed, lively, casual, event of 700 guests eating, drinking, and bidding on 100+ original works of art ranging from $100-$2,500. The SILENT portion will take place during the last week of April (24-26) and the LIVE portion will be taking place in person as a ticketed event in the Arcade Rotunda, April 26, 2024. This years’ theme is Pearls, as pearls are the traditional gem representing The Auction’s 30th Anniversary.

The Downtown Dayton Partnership (DDP) is teaming up with The Contemporary Dayton and City of Dayton to enliven downtown streetscapes with ArtWraps 2.0 designed by local artists of all ages and levels on targeted utility boxes. Selected designs will be printed on vinyl and wrapped around the boxes by a third-party design fabricator. The intent of the project is to beautify the utility boxes and give area artists an opportunity to enliven the public realm. Up to 15 artists will be chosen for this second round of ArtWraps. Each selected artist will be awarded $500 for their design.


The Contemporary Dayton, in collaboration with University of Dayton, is seeking an artist or artist team to create a 2D or 3D artwork for the entrance wall into The Hub. The work should be an abstract design referencing the architecture of the space and include ties to the historical significance, the present-day happenings, and the vision for the future of The Hub.

Goals of the Work

• Draw public attention and stimulate an appreciation of the happenings in The Hub

• To introduce the story and collaborations of The Hub and Dayton Arcade

• To have a simple and/or abstract representation of The Hub


• Artists must be at least 18 years old.

• All media proposals considered.

• UD Faculty, Students and Alumni are encouraged to apply.

• Artists from underrepresented groups are highly encouraged

• Preference to artists in the Greater Dayton region


Evaluation & Selection Process

Phase I: RFQ Semi-finalists will be selected with the following criteria:

• Experience of Artist in completing comparable projects on time and on budget.

• Quality and scale of past work.

• Thoughtful, understandable, and creative vision of Concept Document.

Phase II: Semi-Finalist Selection Up to 3 semi-finalist Artists will be selected to submit a final design. Semi-finalists will also be invited to a site visit and tour to ask questions to inform the artwork proposal.

RFQ DEADLINE January 27, 2023 *SEMI-FINALIST NOTIFICATION February 17, 2023 (up to 3 semi-finalists will receive a $500 fee to produce final design)

WINNING DESIGN AWARD $7,000 including all materials


CONTACT Cydnie King, Curatorial Assistant [email protected] 937/224.3822

*Dates subject to change

FAST-TRACK CALL FOR ART Hub Entrance Artwork University of Dayton The Contemporary Dayton 25 W. 4th Street Dayton, OH 45402 937/224.3822

Semi-finalist Proposals must include the following: 1. Renderings of the final design with color and materials swatches 2. A written description of the artwork proposal 3. Site-specific rendering of proposed artwork, including dimensions All parties must agree to the following: 1. The Artist shall retain intellectual property rights 2. UD/The Hub shall have the unconditional right to retain the proposal materials as part of the proposal commission.

Full credit will be given to Artist if proposal is disseminated by print or digital means. 3. If utilizing the proposal for future RFQ and RFP background materials, the Artist shall give credit to the Project. 4. Proposed artwork must be original and unique to the Project. How to Apply This Call for Art is a 2-step process 1. Applicants submit to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) 2. Up to 3 Semi-Finalists are selected to receive a stipend to move on to submit a final design.

To submit: please send via email to Cydnie King, Curatorial Assistant [email protected].

REMINDER: THIS SHOULD NOT YET BE A FINAL PROPOSAL. 1. A Letter of Interest with the following a. Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, and Website and/or social pages (optional) b. Your interest in the project and your experience working on comparable projects c. A 1-2 page Concept Document (aka a mood or inspiration board rendered by hand or digitally and scanned as a jpg). The Concept Doc should be a visual collage of images, texts, fonts, colors, and textures imagined for the artwork and should reflect the overall intended design. 2. 1-4 images of Artist’s work which best relates to the project. Images should be attached to email as JPG, TIFF, or PSD files and saved with your last name and the image title (i.e. Smith_Title of Work.jpg). File size should be 1600 pixels on the longest edge and a resolution of 300 ppi. 3. Checklist of the images including title, year, media, and dimensions. 4. Résumé / CV About The Hub:

The Hub within the Arcade is a place that brings together a diverse community to encourage creativity, growth, entrepreneurship and education through events and daily happenings in an inspiring environment. The University of Dayton has provided the opportunity to learn and grow through experimental and innovative approaches within the space. In the practical day to day we have UD’s Art & Design along with the Artist in Residence bringing people in the community together through Dinner in the Dessert Kitchen events. The Entrepreneur Center providing resources for new ventures and coordinating networking events upstairs. IACT along with students and educators meeting in the GEM looking at the future skills for workforce development in the basement. This is just a glimpse of how the Hub at the Arcade is telling a new story in the City of Dayton. The Hub’s Mission & Vision: The Hub is a transformative environment that brings together a diverse community to foster creativity, growth, and entrepreneurship. The Hub’s Vision is to have a sustainable impact and inspire others to do the same.

Proposed Space Specs & Dimensions:

• Hub Entrance (across from Receptionist Desk)

• Approximate size: 12ft x 8 ft


Spirit of the Flyer Poem by Sierra Leone

Walk with me through a city within a city, walls holding a cornucopia of heritage, passageways, and corridors filled with antiqued joy and treasured wisdom. Borders of impossibility evolved into communal anchored commitment. People side by side occupying past, present and future. Feel a living history preserved, now restored to Learn, Lead, Serve. Decades of redemption beneath the Arcade’s Renaissance Revival facade. Urban decor defining a new landmark of endurance, flyer spirit, and diversified vision. The eyes of innovation are open! Right when we need to remember, Fourth and Main Street’s century old giant proclaimed it place and footprints of prudence are “leading the way.” Defibrillated Gem City’s heartbeat resilient leadership and human dignity move us forward. The sacred vow of entrepreneurial grit to dream beyond conditions, standing sturdy on The Hub’s time worn floors. Rotunda windowpanes permeating inspiring, aligning “each light with every other light entwined” to embrace unfamiliar faces to foster more economic growth and encourage Dayton’s revitalization. A city of dreamers sharing work and living spaces You are inherited responsibility crystalized. The pioneer The initiator The trailblazer

8/4 Memorial | Deadline December 5, 2022

The 8/4 Memorial Committee is seeking artists, artist teams, designers, or architects to design a public artwork to serve as a memorial for the victims of the tragic events that took place in The Oregon District neighborhood of Dayton, Ohio, on August 4, 2019. The submission deadline is December 5, 2022. Up to 5 artists will be selected and paid a stipend of $1,500 each to present a final design. The winning artist or artist team will receive an award of $200,000 to create the public art memorial.

The RFQ and project expectations were carefully established following several public input surveys and meetings. The goal of the public artwork will be to memorialize the lives lost in the 8/4 event as well as everyone affected; include community engagement to inspire hope, unity, and healing; and provide a meditative space for reflection and remembrance.

All public input and background for artists are available to reference on

To apply, please email the following to: Cydnie King, Curatorial Assistant [email protected]


I. Letter of Interest

  1. Artist Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, and Website and/or social pages for Artist and/or all Artist Team Members.
  2. Your interest in the Project and your experience working on comparable projects, including your experience with architectural and engineering project teams. Include your philosophy on public art, its integration into surrounding environment and how your work and experience will complement this project.
  3. Any experience that they you may have working with social change through your artwork and what your approach is to working with people in a community.
  4. Please describe your eligibility with the multiple criteria for this project from Eligibility section of this RFQ.
  5. References, to include at least three (3) art and/or design professionals who have detailed knowledge of the artist’s work and working methods, including fulfilling deadlines, working with the community, etc. Include the contact name, organization, address, telephone number, and email for each reference.

II. Résumé / CV Submit a brief, current résumé or CV that includes all contact information, website, previous public art commissions, design team experience, exhibitions, awards, grants and education, if applicable. If submitting as a team of artists, please compile all résumés into a single document.

III. Images of Your Work Please submit images and information for up to 5 past commissioned projects. To do that, please include the main image, title of the artwork, the medium, the dimensions, and date created or installed. These images will serve as an overview of your work relevant to this RFQ. Please submit JPEG images with a minimum of 620px wide, and a maximum file size of 5mb. Horizontal images are preferred. Slides, prints or any physical submissions of artwork will not be accepted.

Download the PDF for full information and eligibility requirements.

Information Sessions:

Thursday, October 20, 5-7 p.m.

Dayton Metro Library Main Branch, Conference Room 1B

215 E. 3rd Street Dayton, OH 45402

Saturday, November 5, 2-4 p.m.

Wesley Community Center, 3730 Delphos Ave. Dayton, OH 45417

Saturday, November 12, 3-5 p.m.

Dayton Metro Library Main Branch, Conference Room 3A

Virtual Artist Team Meet-ups (via ZOOM) LINK COMING SOON

Wednesday, November 2, 6 p.m.

Sunday, November 6, 2 p.m.

Wednesday, November 16, 6 p.m.

The Contemporary Dayton announces a Request for Qualifications for artists, artist teams, designers, or architects to design an outdoor mural for the Centennial Overlook at Sunrise MetroPark.

This project is funded by the Garden Club of Dayton in partnership with Five Rivers MetroParks and The Co. The mural is part of the larger Centennial Overlook project at Sunrise MetroPark celebrating the river and the plants and animals that thrive there.

The RFQ is the first phase of a three-phased process concluding with the installation of a single public art project. The project selection committee will select up to three artists from the RFQ. Selected artists will receive a stipend of $750 to develop their wall art proposal.

Project Location & Description:

The proposed mural location is comprised of a two-sided staircase from the landing at Centennial Overlook down to the Great Miami River.

Goals of Mural

  • To increase public knowledge and love of the river and all its resources
  • To stimulate an appreciation and value of a healthy river ecosystem
  • To draw public attention and bring life to the area through color and realistic images
  • Draw people down the steps towards the river
  • To reflect life activity above and under the water, including native plants and wildlife as well as activities such as fishing, kayaking, rowing, bird watching, biking, and walking.

The mural should utilize enduring colors and styles that are found in the Centennial Plaza design and Sunrise MetroPark. The mural should incorporate the entire or partial text of Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s poem, On the River, a portion of which is found in the plans for Centennial Plaza and Sunrise MetroPark. The mural should utilize enduring materials that can withstand a dynamic streetscape with substantial pedestrian traffic, exposure to pollution and can be easily cleaned and maintained in the event of graffiti or other defacing. 50% or more coverage of wall location is strongly recommended, the mural does not need to take up the entirety of the wall.

On The River by Paul Lawrence Dunbar, abbreviated. The full text of the poem can be found online.

The sun is low
The waters flow
My boat is dancing to and fro

The paddles splash,
The wavelets dash,
We see the summer lightning flash

Where neither bird
Nor beast has stirred,
The spotted bullfrog’s croak is heard

About Sunrise MetroPark:
This small urban park is situated on a high bank above the Great Miami River. Its walkways are filled with stunning views of the city’s skyline that change with the light of day. Prairie plantings and wildflowers draw in wildlife from the adjacent river habitat and make the park a serene spot for relaxing. Catch a glimpse of the large and graceful blue herons that frequent the area. Watch the Wolf Creek spill into the Great Miami up close from the paved river walkway at the foot of the stairs. An ambitious plan for Sunrise MetroPark has been proposed as part of the Dayton Riverfront Plan. Centennial Park is the first phase of that plan.

Send the following to Cydnie King, Curatorial Assistant at [email protected] Subject Line: RFQ OE Wall Art

This year, artists have the opportunity to submit to participate in The Co’s traditional Holiday Gift Gallery, the 2021 Limited Edition Holiday Ornament, and the new CoSHOP. Artists receive 60% commission on sales.

ALL FINE CRAFT CONSIDERED: fiber, ceramics, glass, jewelry, wood, printmaking, 2D & 3D mixed media.

Members: Free
Non-Members: $10

You may mail your fee, pay in person at the gallery, or via the link below. Please put “Call for Entry Fine Craft” in the notes section when paying online.

Questions? Email [email protected], call 937/224.3822, or come by the gallery.

The Contemporary Dayton and Downtown Dayton Partnership Co are teaming up to enliven downtown streetscapes with ArtWraps: a new project to “wrap” utility boxes with original designs by area artists. Selected designs will be commercially printed and installed by project partner, Digital Fringe.

The goal of the project is to employ the utility boxes as bold, colorful, surprise works of art throughout the area and contribute to the appeal of a friendly, welcoming downtown; and give local artists an opportunity to compete for commission and display their work.

Up to 15 designs will be chosen for this round of ArtWraps. Each selected design will be awarded $500.

The University of Dayton (UD), supported by The Contemporary Dayton (The Co), is seeking submissions for qualifications from artists to create new large-scale 2D or 3D wall work OR submit existing work for UD’s new performing and visual arts center, The Roger Glass Center for the Arts (See attached 2D & 3D Wall Work Inspiration Deck for anticipated scope of works). There are 4 locations identified for commissioned work. See attached Project Specs for more information.