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Interior & Exterior Naming Opportunities

You can leave a lasting legacy and join the evolution by pledging your support. Individuals, families, businesses, and corporations can name various features of our new space in their names or in honor of someone special in their lives. Each opportunity will afford donors or those they choose to recognize, with an engraved commemorative plaque, prominent recognition for years to come as a visible part of The Contemporary Dayton.

Exterior Steel Statement Columns (2) | $36,000 each
10-foot-tall, lighted steel columns sited on our 4th Street and Rotunda Entrances

Custom Reclaimed Ash Reception Desk-Sculpture
ACQUIRED: In Memory of H. Stephen Wargo / Houser Asphalt & Concrete 
In a space that celebrates art, our permanent fixtures must combine form and function. Our interior design includes custom furniture pieces, works of art in themselves. This custom reception desk by artist Shon Walters draws the public in while serving as the command post for our space. Walters will be using Ash Trees that were fallen at Sinclair Park during the 2019 Dayton tornados.

Welcome Hub | $25,000
AVAILABLE: The Paula Recko Welcome Hub
Please notate Paula Recko Fund in the notes section of the Campaign Pledge Form.
In honor of DVAC/The Co’s first Director, Paula Recko. Much like Paula herself, this 600/sf Welcome Hub is a place where all are welcomed into our gallery.

Arrival Vestibules (2)
ACQUIRED: The Dr. Todd Kepler & Dirk Kruetzer 4th Street Entrance
ACQUIRED: The Linda Lombard & Paul Marshall Rotunda Entrance
These clean, three-dimensional arrival vestibules provide an introduction and first impression for our organization, welcoming visitors. The exterior entrance welcomes visitors from 4th Street and the interior entrance greets those strolling in from the historic Arcade Rotunda.

Rotunda-facing Video Monitor Display | $5,000

Art & Book Shop Digital Sale System | $2,500

Parsons-style Gallery Seating | $1,000 (6) ALL ACQUIRED
These 6 custom, modernist benches (distinguished by their legs and top edges being simply and elegantly equal in thickness), will be placed throughout our galleries offering respite for contemplation and conversation.

Art & Book Shop Custom Ash Shelves | $500 each (10 available)

New, Custom Art Easels & Chargeable Cordless Lights | $250 each (100 available)

Canvas Tote | $100 each name listing (100 available)
Limited Edition Campaign tote, featuring your name along with up to 99 other $100 donors

*Gifts and pledges can be spread over 2 years. All donors of $1,000 and above will be listed on our prominently displayed permanent donor wall. Please contact The Contemporary Dayton for more information at 937.224.3822.

We are Inviting You to Join The Evolution!

Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities.

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