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Art has long been recognized as a powerful medium for self-expression, reflection, and communication. The diverse array of artworks within our walls become a catalyst for dialogue, providing visitors with an opportunity to engage in open conversations about mental health. In this setting, the visual language of art serves as a bridge, allowing individuals to express and share their emotions, fostering empathy, and encouraging a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding mental well-being. By weaving discussions of wellness into the art experience, we not only enhance our appreciation for art but also create a safe space for meaningful conversations that contribute to breaking the stigma surrounding these critical aspects of human existence.

Cynthia Brooks has experience with different forms of yoga for over 50 years. She teaches at Day Yoga Studio, and YMCA, including ashtanga, water yoga, and chair yoga.

Dr. Kunal Desai is a full-time clinician in infectious diseases as part of a large multidisciplinary private group in Dayton, Ohio, and serves as the medical director of employee health for the Kettering Health Network and as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Wright State University. He actively practices heartfulness meditation and is a Heartfulness meditation trainer.

Leslie Dworkin, MFA, RYT, is a professional dance artist and educator.

Anson Lampe is a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and a Graduate Laban Certified Movement Analyst.

Brian Jones is a seasoned meditation practitioner with over 50 years of dedicated study in the art and science of inner peace. As a devoted Heartfulness meditation trainer, he has spent the better part of his life teaching individuals from all walks of life methods to still the mind and connect with the heart. In addition to his work in meditation, Brian is an influential writer on Quora, having more than 15 million answer views and sharing insights on spirituality, meditation, and self-discovery.

Uma Mullapudi embarked on her journey with Heartfulness Meditation in January 1977, guided by its principles. Since 1986, she has dedicated herself as a Heartfulness Trainer and has played a pivotal role in spreading the practice. As a coordinator and trainer, she has established meditation sessions across universities, hospitals, and corporations, as well as the Peace Museum and Hindu Temple in the Miami Valley. Uma offers classes to guide individuals in embracing heartful living and understanding the core practices of Heartfulness.


35 W 4th St,

Dayton, OH 45402



25 W 4th St,

Dayton, OH 45402


Metered street parking available on 4th St side of Arcade and Pretzinger Lane. Meters free on weekends. Additional Parking available at Reibold Building Garage; enter at 25 W 5th St, $2 for the first hour

The Contemporary Dayton (The Co) is the region’s contemporary art center. The Co produces and presents ART EXHIBITIONS, ARTIST TALKS, and PUBLIC ART by local, national, and global creatives and makers; and is ALWAYS FREE & OPEN TO ALL. As a non-collecting art center, The Co is one of 45 non-collecting art centers and museums across North America that specialize in presenting modern and contemporary art.

Culture Works is the funding, advocacy, and service organization that passionately inspires, supports, and sustains arts and culture in the Dayton Region. As the united arts fund and arts service agency for the Dayton Region, Culture Works believes that creating and maintaining a vibrant and attractive community filled with quality arts brings measurable and immeasurable value to our citizens.

Friends of the Dayton Arcade is a 501c3 established to promote, protect, and preserve the historic integrity of the buildings known as the Dayton Arcade, Dayton, OH.

The HUB Powered by PNC is the home and joint venture of The Entrepreneurs Center and University of Dayton’s Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. The Hub offers coordinated and centralized resources for the region’s entrepreneurs, innovators, builders, creators, inventors, students & teachers.

Our mission is to harness the collective power of art, history, technology, and innovation to create a vibrant and inclusive community. By combining the unique strengths of The Contemporary Dayton (The Co), Culture Works, the Friends of The Dayton Arcade, and The Hub Powered by PNC, we aim to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and drive positive change, enriching the lives of all who live and work in Dayton.

Premier Health



Jul 12-Sep 6, 2024

The Contemporary Dayton, Culture Works, Friends of the Dayton Arcade, and The HUB Powered by PNC announce an exciting new program designed to introduce the community to the intersection of art and physical and mental health outcomes


Wednesdays  /  YOGA

5:30-6:30 pm  /  Guest Instructors

From beginner’s classes to advanced teacher training programs in the ARCADE ROTUNDA.


Thursdays  /  Movement Therapy  / Guest Instructors

Jul 18, 25, Aug 1, 8  /  12-1:15 p.m.  /  Qigong with Leslie Dworkin

Qigong means “the skill of cultivating your vital energy”. It is the ancient Chinese wellness practice that coordinates breath, body movements, and meditative exercises. With fluid, dancelike, easy-to-follow movements, qigong reduces stress, increases energy reserves, and strengthens the mind.  It is a gentle but powerful form of exercise, combining breathing practices, postures, stretching and strengthening exercises, flowing meditative movement, and mental focus. No experience necessary for class; participants should bring yoga mats. ARCADE ROTUNDA.


Aug 15, 22, 29, Sep 5  /  12-12:45 p.m.  /  Dance Therapy with Anson Lampe

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) uses movement and dance as therapeutic tools to address physical, psychological, cognitive, and social issues. It’s based on the idea that the mind and body are connected and mutually influential, and that movement can reflect personality and impact how we feel emotionally and mentally. DMT practitioners use expressive movement to promote self-awareness and emotional healing, and to help clients embody a deeper connection with themselves. No experience necessary for class; ARCADE ROTUNDA.


Fridays  /  Mindfulness & Meditation

5:30-6:30 pm  /  Dr. Kunal Desai, Brian Jones, and Uma Mullapudi, The Heartfulness Institute, Beavercreek

The Heartfulness Institute is a non-profit educational organization for wellness and training. Offering heart-based meditation techniques to arrive at a state of centeredness and balance, all services of Heartfulness such as relaxation and meditation services, are offered free of charge. No experience necessary for class; THE CONTEMPORARY DAYTON.


Saturdays  /  Chair Yoga for Seniors

11:00 am-12:00 pm  /  Cynthia Brooks, Day Yoga Studio, Dayton

This workout includes fall prevention drills and exercises to improve strength and endurance. No experience necessary for class; THE CONTEMPORARY DAYTON.