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Sydney Summers


Sydney G. Summers was born in Dayton, Ohio, still residing and working there, and is currently a student at the University of Dayton, earning her Bachelor of Fine Art in Education. Sydney is involved with many local galleries; she believes they are unique spaces for self-reflection and healing. Sydney plans to continue her education post-graduation by exploring the world of curatorial studies.

Sydney is also an exhibiting artist. She focuses on self-exploration by responding to and processing personal events. Seeing intense similarities between color and emotions, she uses them interchangeably. The sense of hand is prevalent in her works and the love of music manifests through the practice of mark-making. Summers is best described as a painter but dabbles in sculpture, fiber art, ceramics, and photography. She has shown her work in the Radial Gallery, the Index Gallery, and the Dana L. Wiley Gallery is located in Dayton, Ohio.